Psychic Development: A Psychic Readers Opinion

Everyone is curious about our true selves and what motivates us to do certain things, and the future. This is why numerologists, astrologists, and tarot readers are becoming more sought-after. Astrologers might debate whether or not Pluto is actually a planet and the tarot reader might wonder whether reversed cards can be used in a reading however, not all numerologists are playing with the same system. Imagine that you went to the same numerologist in Timbuktwo and another in Timbukthree with the identical birthdate and name but came out with two completely different interpretations of your name energy and lifepath…I’m thinking you’d be more confused coming out than you were going in.

So here’s the thing. There are two kinds of numerology. One is the Pythagorian or the most widely used system, and the second is hidden. And yes, I am going to tell you! In the year 6,000 (approximately 3000 years before the system that is now in use) The birthplace of numerology was in Chaldea (or Babylon), thus the name Chaldean numerology.

This system comprises both the values or vibrations of numbers with the meanings or vibrations of letters. Contrary to the traditional method it is true that the numerical value of each letter does not necessarily follow a particular sequence. This is partially demonstrated by the number 9 that was believed to be sacred by the ancients (consider Jesus=9; Christ=9 and Jesus Christ=18/9).  Visit:- https://numerologyreader.com/

It is exempt from any use with regard to the letter’s value. (This statement about the name is presented from a completely objective point of view, much in the same vein as my telling you that John F. Kennedy was an 8). There are many differences between these two types of numerology. Let’s simply say that Chaldean numerology may be more difficult to comprehend than the other, however the outcomes are more exact, specific, and significant.

It is a fact I am certain of: both the energy of numbers and letters can be proved scientifically. Everyone began with numbers (two cells joined) as well as letters (Y and Z and chromosomes). Therefore the idea that we could transmit our own energies and vibrations is no less absurd than Einstein’s idea regarding relativity (E=mc2). In fact, it was once believed that to know the name of someone was to confer the power to influence them. This is still the case in our modern world…we offer our names liberally to almost anyone who asks and once our name is known anybody can look it up which is made much easier through the internet. After this, the person who is researching our name does actually have control over us…identity theft comes to mind. If we’re willing to share the authority of our names with others, then why wouldn’t we look into this personal power? It is ours, after all, and likely the most valuable thing we own, even though this is often not realized until ownership is in the event of a potential dispute. There’s a lot more to the name that most people do not realize. Chaldean numerology reveals the truth about your name and provides you the tools to make use of this power.

This is a short read you can perform on yourself. Add your month and birth date in this manner The birthpath of my life is determined by adding the month (03) and my birthday date (10) and adding the numbers (13). You can simply reduce the double-digit number that you’re given (4 for me) and then read the story to discover the relationship between your number and you. Your number will show the basic path you are following or how you can incorporate it into your own path.

There was a time when a caveman wakes up in the midst of the forest. He’s a tiny man with bumps on the top of his head, but the man doesn’t know who he truly is. The only thing he can think of is that he’s all alone. He is the only one (1). The sole one (1). He is hungry and cold. He doesn’t even think about seeking out assistance because he doesn’t know of any. He is unable to remember anything and, therefore, no reference point. He follows his natural instinct to survive, and gathers berries to eat as well as huge, leafy branches to build an interim shelter. He has an idea in his head that the act of rubbing two stones over a stack of twigs, brush and twigs will produce heat. After some time, he struggles and hisses at his efforts, but eventually achieves the goal. While he relaxes in the warmth of the fireplace and munches on more berries he pats the large stick at his side, an aid in the event that he has to shield himself from unwanted intruders. He is confident, secure and at ease and making plans for the upcoming day. He intends to investigate the surroundings, gather more food, find the creatures who’s eyes are reflections in the flames and perhaps fashion himself an coat…but suddenly, his attention is diverted by a new presence that he sees in the darkness beyond the fire’s circle and he squats to his feet. He is unprepared for company and doesn’t know what to do.

Beyond the circle is a second similar one. He is fascinated by the fact that this creature has hair that is longer than his and that its chest is adorned with globes that are round. Soon, he’s brought this creature out of the darkness into the light and has positioned it (her) beside him in front of the flame. He’s not the only one. There are now two (2). In the next few days, they will learn to care for each other. Each one nurtures the other, and, over time, becomes inseparable. She is particularly happy helping him clean up the camp and prepare the food he gathers. She appears to love being close to him, embrace him and touch him. He is at peace with her company and enjoys the tenderness of her voice and eyes as well as her touch. He feels safe and at ease with her, and they are able to share their joy through dark dances that are among the oldest in history. It is almost as though they’ve been searching for the other their entire lives.

A few months later, they are surprised and amazed when almost like magic, a miniature model of themselves appears from her tummy. (They have been wondering how she’s been so fat. !…These are cavepeople, remember.) The joy soon fades away as they realise how exhausting it is to take care of the tiny baby. They both turned three (3) after the birth. Their constant activity revolves around their baby which is like the mother, who must be fed, changed and entertained in endless cycles. Sleeping is the child’s only relief. The sleep seems to come at intervals of 20 minutes. It’s a first for them both and their brains always still…there is plenty to think about and accomplish. Each of them learns to give the other time to sit and be quiet: to rest and reflect…this is an absolute requirement or they will both exhaust themselves.

A short time later, by mutual decision, they begin clearing an area in the woods near a large rock. They begin to construct their home with strong branches as their spines. After bracing smaller pieces of wood on this base, they then wrap the entire structure in huge leaves and moss, as well as branches. Although the process is lengthy and laborious but they are happy with the end result. They have come to realize that their child needed a safe, secure environment within which to grow and felt it was their obligation to ensure that. Families is more stable, and it is possible to establish a routine. Each parent takes responsibility for the family’s basic needs and assumes the household chores.


The best way to start the path of psychic development is to seek an opinion from a psychic reader on how to begin. Each person is unique in their capabilities and talents. Every one of us is a spiritual being inside. Want to learn more about psychic abilities? Continue reading!

More than six billion people reside in this world. Every individual has his own individual energy patterns. Some people develop their psychic abilities better through paying attention. Certain people acquire knowledge through seeing it done. Others learn best by doing it and executing the steps step by step.

These techniques are called the three ways of learning new information for educators. They are learning methods that include listening, watching and doing. Sometimes, you can combine of these two techniques.

Here are a few questions to ask a reader for ideas on how to further develop:

1. Ask the psychic for any strengths and weaknesses you need to be aware of in your search. There are many of us with hidden talents that we do not know about. Often there is a knowing what we are good at and just need a little encouragement and confirmation from someone. The earlier one can begin to learn about it, the more effective.

2. It is an excellent idea to inquire what you can do to reduce negative energy within your environment and your daily life. Negative energy can pull you back and slow your advancement. First, determine where it’s coming from and then take steps to limit the exposure.

3. The occult world is full of amazing phenomena. They include crystals, as well as prayers. It is recommended to choose one area and become really proficient in it rather than exploring a lot of different areas at first. It is possible to become an expert in a particular area for instance, crystal energy, and then proceed to a different branch of metaphysical information. This way you are building your power progressively incrementally.

A psychic reading about your psychic abilities will provide you with information on all of these points of growth. No matter what the reader opinion always go away and consider the information from the psychic with an open mind, and open mind. If the information seems to be right, there’s a good chance it’s accurate.

4. There are many paths to psychic ability. Numerology, clairvoyance, and astrology are all possible. Each has its own energy and is appropriate for certain people, based on their natural abilities.

If you give it a go and it seems right, it is the best choice. If you feel disappointed take a step back and try another. There are many methods of metaphysics available. If you’ve been able to meet psychics, you’ll soon realize that every one of them has a distinct point. It could be in tarot readings, or crystal ball gazing.

The experience of a psychic reader’s opinions goes to a great extent towards the development of your psychic abilities. It’s another way to speed up personal development in this fascinating area of study.