Poet Or Story-Teller?

The Poet is an uncommon creature, they are the channel for lost Souls, failed to remember Souls, and Souls that had incomplete business here on Earth.

“Verse is the Reflection of a Long-Forgotten Soul” by Ven Bunce.

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Numerous individuals think verse is simply plunking down and putting stories-to-rhyme, and at times that might be in this way, yet verse is considerably more than that. Verse is the out-pouring of a Soul that has disregarded to the ‘opposite side’, has seen reality, the secret facts about this experience here on earth, for Humans specifically, and requirements to Warn us or Advise us about our present and our future.

A Poet ‘dislike’ verse or artists, and dislike writing specifically. (in spite of the fact that obviously nowadays we additionally have computerized sound and video to help). So how does a Poet turn into a Poet?

In the first place, a writer will consistently have an enquiring mind, a brain that is continually searching for reality behind all that they see and hear. They usually have a ‘positive’ mien which creates the ‘energy’ that the lost Souls can relate to, or, in all likelihood they would look randomly for the correct personalities to use as their conductor. A Lucky Dip would not be a decent result.

So how do these Souls enter the personalities of a likely writer? It very well may be through incident, a messed up dream, dream, or essentially plunking down Doodling with a pen/pencil and paper (The favored way). Attempt it, sit and doodle, compose whatever comes into your head. Try not to ‘consider’ what to compose or draw, “get it done” as an exceptionally effective business person once said.

On the off chance that you plunk down and think ‘excessively hard’ about your message to the world you will likely compose a decent, engaging, educational story, as a general rule it will be put to rhyme, yet it will not be Poetry, it will be a Story. It can in any case be called verse obviously, yet this is the contrast among Poetry and Story-Telling. One gets ‘through’ the Soul, different comes ‘from’ the Mind. The Poet is taken care of from space/time/ether. The other is taken care of from encounters/recollections/collaborations. Both are legitimate types of amusement and redemption of messages, yet just the Poet has the directives for our prosperity now and for what’s to come.

Verse can obviously be confused similarly as each and every other composing that has at any point happened, and the best illustration of this is ‘The Holy Bible’ likely the most mishandled book at any point composed. Charlatons, Do-Gooders, Narcissists, Religious Leaders/Workers are only ‘a portion’ of individuals who will bend the words composed into importance what ‘they wish’ them to mean. However, Poetry, genuine verse, written in rhyme, gets to our Soul straightforwardly with the utilization of basic, even kid like stanza that our ‘mind’ (the watchman) we should through unhindered in light of the fact that it shows up too honest to be in any way a peril. It is then processed and turns into a functioning conviction. Some would call it Enlightenment, or an Awakening, others would call it Love. The True Meaning Of LOVE obviously, not the heartfelt form, or the most well-known “Love You” toward the finish of each cell phone discussion.

Love is an energy, it makes every one of the beneficial things throughout everyday life and it ‘must’ be empowered in each human Soul if our species is to flourish now, and later on. Music, Art, Literature, Social association are generally sure characteristics that keep the ‘Affection Energy’ coursing through our Minds, our Souls and the Ether. We do this by perusing the correct writing, tuning in to the correct music, and associating with our loved ones consistently. We likewise do this by meeting possible Love-Interests on a coordinated, vis-à-vis premise and not through the Social Media as is pervasive at the present time.

Online Media, while helpful, and truly adept at taking care of the endorphins that your Brain and your Mind CRAVE more than all else is an absolutely Negative idea. It fills your Brain with determined (regularly regrettable) messages that enter your Mind, and possibly your Soul through the ‘endorphins’ that you/we Soooo want regardless of anything else (Sub-Consciously). Every one of those ‘likes’ ‘hearts’ ‘shares’ and so forth, and so on are ALL intended to FEED those Endorphins with whatever number negative messages as could reasonably be expected. They are the ‘Vibe Good Cookies’ that we are taken care of to ‘take the medication’. Recollect at school, immunizations were regularly given with a sugar-shape? A similar guideline applies here, and Social Media ought to be treated with Sincere Skepticism.

The equivalent can be said for Dating Apps/Sites where we are ALL presently straightforwardly urged to go to track down our possible accomplice/companion/sweetheart, instead of meet outsiders in clubs, bars, film, theater, games, and so forth, and so on If you need to trust it, it’s an absolutely Negative Experience. It utilizes those old Endorphins once more to TRAP you into frequently extremely adverse circumstances where the outcome is generally a trade of Sex.

You see a profile picture ‘you like’, you read stuff that once more ‘you like’, you connect, they answer, once more ‘You Like’… those endorphins are RUSHING through your mind now, the energy is building and you can hardly wait to will see the individual (face to face) yet all around very frequently it’s a finished let-down as their profile was each of the a heap of tosh, written to convince potential ‘casualties’ to connect and be controlled somehow.

Presently I know there are exemptions for the standard and there have been numerous effective connections worked from online contact. In any case, the realities ARE that usually these gatherings leave a terrible desire for the mouth. It’s one more bad experience which assaults your brain, and conceivably your Soul. You become careful about everybody, you pull out, you become restless, even discouraged on the grounds that you believe you’re making the best choice, however everything closes in tears. Here and there it gets so terrible that Suicide appears to be the solitary way OUT of the ‘Rodent Trap’. Web-based Media was planned as the BIGGEST Rat Trap in the World and we as a whole took the lure – The ‘Vibe Good Cookie’.

Let it OUT this moment, and make it Advantageous for you. Utilize Social Media understanding what it is, and how it’s controlling all your contemplations, feeling and activity, at that point feed it with your Positivity. Try not to respond to negative remarks, articulations, pictures and images. Essentially disregard them despite the fact that it’s extremely troublesome, you should train yourself to forgo taking the treat, the endorphin-surge of engaging in a discussion that is just going one way – Down-slope.

Alright you say, what’s this have to do with Poetry and Poets?…

The Poets can take care of Social Media with their positive rhymes and on the grounds that these can enter the personalities and spirits of other web-based media clients unhindered, those positive messages will be processed and live in the mind of the beneficiaries and ideally develop a protection from the Negativity that flourishes all through Social Media overall. It’s not ensured, yet it’s a decent beginning.