How Much Does It Really Cost to Travel the World

I’ve been doing two different jobs for 6 months, 50-60 hours a week. First, I worked for hours as a “paid girl”, asking questions about the weekend in vain, packing cleaning supplies apart from vegetables, and repairing unexpected items on a DIY machine. My second job was found in a call center gum tree. There, the sales staff gave the children a free rating and persuaded them to talk to their parents over the phone throughout the afternoon and book a consultation so that they could basically sell the tutoring program.
Yes, it wasn’t very attractive, but I did what I had to do to save enough money.
Categorize what you spend your money on in different categories. For the last six months I have spent most of my time in Europe, but I have also visited the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

I booked four different tours before I left. If you don’t want to organize anything yourself, but want to have the best time without any problems, then a tour is for you. I traveled with Contiki and the top deck, and I definitely chose Contiki. We had a great time on the two Topdeck tours, but the company looked much more professional. Contiki European Contrasts: $ 4341 for a cheap 29-day tour of Europe. That was the first book I booked and I got a prepaid discount.
The next three I booked with a travel agency received discounts for booking some trips.

Turkish Navigation Contiki: 7 days on a yacht off the Turkish coast
Topdek Explore Turkey: 12 days to stay at the hotel and explore the various cities of Turkey. Top Deck Egypt Express: 8-Day Budget Tour Visit:- https://flight-scanner.de/

These three costs: $ 2576

I also booked accommodation at Oktoberfest through a company called PP Travel. It costs $ 280 to stay in the camp dormitory for 3 nights. It’s a lot cheaper than a dwelling at this time and a little more fun than camping in a tent. Total Tour Fee: $ 7017 paid prior to departure


A three-day stopover in Dubai and a two-week stopover to return to Bali cost $ 2,232 for a flight back to London. If possible, we will give advice to the traveling exhibition held in February every year. I got the best price because I can compare all travel agencies and companies in one place.
Domestic flights / buses / ferries / trains, etc.

Most of the major modes of transportation are booked instantly using programs such as Skyscanner and online booking companies. All Greek ferries were booked at the port and most buses and trains were booked at the station. Book a bus, ferry or night train to save money. This is usually the cheapest time to travel and may not be the most comfortable sleep, but it also saves money for an overnight stay. Internal shipping = $ 2,751


The place I stayed depends on the country I lived in. In the UK, for example, accommodation is so expensive that housing (20-28 dormitories) was the cheapest (not the best) way to sleep. Get ready to be woken up by a tough British football team at 08:00! In Greece, it was usually a good bed and breakfast or guesthouse, except for Party Island iOS, where three of us fit in a small “shed”. What are you waiting for for 5 euros ($ 8) per night?

Egypt was so cheap that I and my two friends stayed at the most luxurious 5-star hotel. It was probably the best stay we have found.
AirBnb is also an excellent alternative and way to meet and taste the true taste of the most beautiful people.
I am lucky to have a family in Greece and friends in the UK, which is a great advantage when traveling abroad.
Total stay (excluding tours) = $ 1973


And the cost of food and alcohol is high. It’s very easy to spend a lot of money on these two factors, especially if you’re drunk or have a hangover. Limit the amount you spend each day and try to choose two meals instead of three. The residence offers a complimentary breakfast on a regular basis, so make the most of it if you can. In Greece it is possible to live for two months on a $ 3 gyro every day. Believe please.
Shopping, souvenirs, public transport and tips also fall into this category. If you want to buy a lot, bring more money or use a credit card like me. At the end of the trip, I put an additional $ 2,300 on my credit card. This was basically a gift, underwear from Victoria’s Secret, and you guessed it … more food and alcohol.