Winning Paintball Maneuvers – The Art of The Slide

When playing a round of speedball, most beginners feel numb by the fear of being struck. Most beginners are paralysed by fear of being hit , and remain in one bunker. Paintball is a sport where you can only think about the actions your opponents might take. This makes you a sitting duck that is easily eliminated. Many rookie teams rank at the bottom of the list because of this. Competiton paintball is not about having a complete game and being totally committed. Paintball players in tournaments must have a strategy in mind every single moment. This is to constantly move ahead. When the game starts, you must be planning and pushing to the next move to put your opponent in an aggressive position and attempt to hold him down. To do this, you should utilize every physical tool at your disposal such as sprinting, leaping diving and of course sliding. Sliding will give you a huge advantage and be one of your most valuable abilities.

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Three slides are commonly used in paintball. The Superman Slide and the Pop-up Slide. The Pop-Up Slide is normally used to get to the bunker that is in front or diagonally towards the one you are. The Pop-Up Slide can be performed by running toward the bunker you wish to reach. Once you have reached your goal, you must keep your speed up and keep your front foot pointed forward. One of the key factors to pulling this slide off successfully is keeping both your head and the marker elevated, and not pointed to the ground. You will suddenly rise from the bunker and be on your feet. This slide helps you drop down out of sight from your foes and get to a different location quickly. If you do it correctly you’ll be standing up when you reach the bunker ready to fire at your foes. Defensively, the Pop-Up Slide is great for ducking under fire and getting behind the safety of a bunker.

The Superman Slide is often reserved for players who are attempting to enter the snake shaped bunker. The Superman Slide is typically located right off the break once you are able to hear the buzzer. Start with the Superman Slide sprinting toward the snake, again maintaining your head and pistol up while running. Then slowly shift your weight towards the ground as you near the bunker. As you begin to fall forward ensure that your gun’s air tank is underneath of your armpit, not directly on your shoulder or it could inflict injury such as a dislocation. Once you’ve reached the level of ground, you can extend your arms up to the sky and slide on the forearms of the snake. This slide will allow you to get in the snake the fastest and most efficient way. When you are entering the snake with a superman slide It is essential to avoid digging your marker’s barrel into the ground. You can damage your gun by digging your barrel into the ground. At best, stop the barrel from digging up dirt. Make sure your hands are pointed toward the sky to stop this from occurring. This may feel a little awkward at first , but practice will make it easier to do.

The Lateral Slide to maneuver to bunkers that are vertical to you. To do the Lateral Slide, move either to the left or to the right of the bunker you wish to get to. As you approach the bunker then lower your back leg toward the ground while keeping your front leg straight to the direction of the bunker. Continue to slide until you get to the bunker. When you’ve reached the bunker then take your back leg up and get off the ground. In order to slow down when you are closer to the bunker utilize your heel. The Pop-Up Slide is identical to the slide in all ways except for the direction of the front of your foot. In the Lateral version, you should put your front foot in the direction of the side you’re sliding towards. Make use of this technique to avoid incoming fire and move faster towards the bunker without getting struck.

One of the most important aspects in every slide is to keep one foot on the ground (except for the Superman Slide); this makes sure that you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. It is essential to keep your gun in motion when you are performing slides. It requires time, but it’s possible to incorporate slides into your movements. Shooting while doing so will make it very difficult to hit. It’s also important to always remain focused at the field and not look towards the ground for a prolonged period of time. This is so you can be aware of the movements of your opponent while you’re playing as well in case you have to make adjustments to your plan. Sliding is a method which is available only to speedball players. Woodsball surfaces are not played on flat surfaces. They frequently have stubs and rocks that are affixed to the ground, making sliding impossible.

A pair of good paintball trousers is another alternative to win your sliding moves. The pants are specifically designed for this kind of sport and can really make a difference in not only better sliding performance but also protection also. The majority of paintball pants are constructed with very durable, rip-stop material so they can withstand the rough and abrasive impact that regular sliding will cause without tearing. For sliding, the top paintball pants have a smooth sheen to them to help cut down on friction from the ground for faster movement. A majority of good paintball pants are also fitted with extra padding or cells that are placed in strategically-placed areas such as the knees, shins buttocks and hips to make for softer landings and prevention of injuries.

The best method to learn the art of sliding is by practicing. You can start by trying out your slide with your paintball gun to become more proficient at the actual move. Once you’ve got them down begin practicing them while carrying and eventually shooting your gun. Once you have this technique in place, start practicing to develop your shooting skills while sliding. It is important to learn how to slide across a smooth surface or even a slippery surface to master it. Keep in mind that practice doesn’t make perfect. Just by doing it correctly, you’ll ensure that you are proficient. If you are concerned that you’re not performing your slides properly, talk to someone with more experience; most will be willing to help. These slides will give you a competitive edge and will help you develop into a better player.

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