Nigeria: We Can’t Breathe

The Nigerian rulers are truly remarkable. While other leaders and nations offer a variety of reassurances to their citizens and bailouts to their production and service industries to mitigate the effects of the pandemic currently sweeping the world, our rulers (not leaders) are here inventing more harsh policies to perpetually burden us with debt and enslave us. The government recently increased prices for fuel and increased electricity tariffs.

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This comes in the midst of the raging battle of the citizenry, exacerbated by poor economic performance as well as the Chinese virus crisis. The situation was challenging in this country prior to the outbreak. Businesses are closing down rapidly and millions of jobs are disappearing. Food and other products are at record levels. People are desperate and hungry. Nigerians are in need of help and our government can only do the best we can to make them suffer. However, I’m not blaming them. Are they and their children pay rent on their homes? Do they buy fuel? They have everything they need. If they want more, they could obtain it from the things they shamelessly steal and stash in the hope of a future generation. However, we are told that the increase is for them to be able for the budget to be funded. The government will only be able to fund itself by taxing already traumatized citizens. Tell me. What budget? I’m hearing you say budget of the rich by the rich and for the wealthy. They’ll slash the budgets, award the contracts to themselves, and pay themselves even if the jobs aren’t done. As I write the country is exploding for the citizens are protesting the brutality of police and the incompetence of the government currently in power. Protests have spread to all major cities in the country, leading to the deaths of a number of. Numerous government buildings were also burned to the ground.

What immediately occurred to me as this confusion was unfolding was the story of what Pharaoh did in the Bible. When the Moses went to ask to be released from the Israelites The king became angry and instead of accepting the request, immediately increased their work and pain, in order to stop their spirit and silence them forever. That’s exactly what I see here. If this government wishes to get more money they will know the best way to go about it. They can do it by cutting various excessive allowances, salaries, estacodes expense, etc. of the selected, elected and appointed officials of the various agencies of the government. They can get it from proper taxation of the super wealthy that own and flaunt their millions of properties and investments without having to pay any tax. They could be derived from eliminating the ineffective security votes which have become a gift to elected officials. What of all the money in different currencies and properties taken from corrupt leaders and officials? Where are they? Have they been stolen like the other times? We’ll discuss that in the future. Why should we not retrieve the national assets, oil wells, companies , and corporations that were systematically undervalued and then sold to friends, cronies and relatives as a way to privatize or privatization? We have sold everything, and yet, we are not getting even a quarter of the value of it. Look at the power sector. It’s chaos everywhere. Distributors make Nigerians as slaves who have been conquered. They charge you whatever you want and then forced to pay or get your light shut off. It’s as if there was no law, regulation, or supervision. There is no protection for customers. I was in the EEDC office at Abakpa-Enugu the last day, and the marketing staff were threatening and harassing customers who were questioning the excessive bill. The customers who paid 7,700 were now paying 16,000 per month and should not be complaining if they will keep you in darkness. They won’t examine your meters. They force you to pay estimated billing. We aren’t given a alternatives or options. Are we? Why aren’t we able to take money from countries such as China in which the government offers basic amenities yet still encourages the private sector with a lot of support? Yes, we could try mixed economy since the totality of capitalism that works for the rest of us has failed to work here.

Untruthfulness is a problem for our leaders. A lot of them don’t live up the ideals they espouse. They warn against theft however they steal your money through their biros, or indirectly. They boast about democratic principles, but they go ahead to rig elections and control you by force. They ask you to capture the thieves they loot back the money they reclaim from thieves. Now, the suspended head of the country’s Anti-corruption Agency is under investigation. The agency is accused of not keeping track of the hundreds of homes and billions in different currencies that were seized from corrupt officials and organizations. This is known as re-looting loot. While the investigation was going on, the agency’s office that maintained records of these transactions was broken into overnight. The computers that contained the majority of these transactions were taken away. My God! Does that sound like an actual James Bond movie? Please give me the title. While we preach against importation, all the items that we use, and the items that our families are imported. We mouth patriotism and nationalism but we despise and murder many others each day. As we discuss security, we secretly fund and arm criminals. I’ve since stopped believing any of them. It is true that we are not just fantastically corrupt but also amazingally, endemically, genetically wicked, crooked and insanity! As I was writing, I attempted to charge my phone with a USB cable. After a couple of minutes the charger stopped working. I can’t count how many chargers I’ve bought this year. Some will just work for three day or less. No one is accountable for the fake medicines or products that have suffocated us. They have led to hundreds of deaths, fires , explosions, collapses of buildings, accidents, and many other problems. It’s like suffocating. It’s impossible to breathe in this place! And that was economic, political and then comes the corruption of religion.