Good to Great Practices

Jim Collins was the mandatory course for students in business schools.

This book provides the rationale that some businesses change from good to excellent while others don’t.

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Students took weeks to deconstruct the book. However, there’s one chapter that’s so relevant to our business that I thought it should be made available to you. It’s known as…


It’s a lot of information to sum up however here’s the basic concept:

While extraordinary to great changes may appear shocking to the uninitiated but they are actually natural and cumulative processes that occur in the course of time.

It’s a sign that there was no single action such as a marketing campaign, luck or even luck that helped make a business great.

The great to excellent firms instead followed a consistent pattern. It required effort to begin, just as a large flywheel. But when it started to move forward, the momentum grew until it was able to reach a breakthrough. The breakthrough is indestructible and produces spectacular outcomes.

But, the majority of businesses are following a completely distinct pattern…the doom loop.

They don’t want to create momentum. Instead, they want for quick breakthroughs using one-off strategies that give instant, but not long-term outcomes.

Instead, they get disappointed results because they aren’t following the same route. They try a different quick-fix strategy to see immediate results. The results are disappointing and lead to in more disappointment. They are now in a tizzy and heading towards catastrophe.

The same is true for plastic surgery procedures.

The average person or the naive one seeks out short-term gain by investing money, time and resources into shiny objects that can be a source of income.

Maybe a web-based company has redesigned your website… again. Directories, Google AdWords or social media need a huge budget.

After trying something for a couple of months, they aren’t happy with it , so they move to the next option which promises to be the best solution.

They don’t last long enough to get any momentum.

The same is true for the selection of patients.

A lot of practices concentrate on the one-hit wonder patients however, they often overlook cosmetic patients that are worth 10 times the initial investment if they’ve got a an approach to care for the patients. They are the practice’s unpaid sales reps.

Let’s revisit the “good-to-great” concept. Here’s how a practice that is successful can be transformed into a great one.

They devise a plan to attract and keep patients.
Then they track their performance and make adjustments according to their results.
They don’t change their course to pursue quick-term gain.
They can observe the outcomes they have constructed.

Another way of putting it is, successful practices determine their most lucrative and desired cosmetic clients. They then decide the most effective ways to draw the patients. Prior to meeting with a patient they establish a relationship with the patient and provide them with information. From the initial call to schedule an appointment and confirm it that appointment, to the visit and subsequent visits, they make sure that the patient receives an enjoyable experience. They ensure that the patient is satisfied prior to, during and following their appointment. They encourage patients to read their experiences, share, and refer their experiences via their social media channels. This lets potential patients learn about the procedure and you, and, in turn, they return, read and recommend to others on social media.

Now you have a procedure which creates momentum, so you will have a steady stream of patients seeking cosmetic treatments in a continuous manner.

It’s more crucial than ever before to ensure that your practice is running smoothly to be able to withstand the pressures of competition and COVID.

If you require any help contact me. My experience of 20 years working with plastic surgeons ensures that I’m able to help you save a lot of time, money, hassle and time.